Cornerstone Youth Activities Staff

"It takes a village to raise a child ", if you are interested in being part of the cornerstone pathfinder club staff please contact Mr. Vaughn Stanford below.

  • Director - master guide

    Vaughn Stanford


    (c) 703-856-4603

    Mr. Vaughn currently works as a federal lead for the Department of Homeland Security in the National Cybersecurity Assessment & Technical Services (NCATS). He also is a active E8 in the Virginia National Guard. Vaughn's passion is youth ministries and the outdoors.

  • Deputy Director

    Jared Leib


    Mr. Jared is a Director at Amazon by day and our Chief Problem Solver.  He motivates every child to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle.  As an avid athletic competitor he ensures our club "cares for our bodies"

  • Secretary - Master Guide

    Jennifer Stanford


    Ms. Jen is the CEO of Emergent Performance Solutions but if she could she would be full time Pathfinders!  She is the nurturer of our group and passionate about keeping spirits high and esprit de corp in tact.  Relationships with Christ and each other are her most passionate platforms.

  • Pathfinder Bible EXperience Instructor

    Suly Piedade


    Ms. Suly has a passion for helping Pathfinders fill their brains and their bellies!  The queen of hospitality Ms. Suly constantly offers her home and her time to ensure our Pathfinders have the best learning environment to practice PBE.  As our resident doctor she also saves us trips to the hospital!


    Karyn Boyce


    Ms. Karyn grew up a Pathfinder and shares the passion to grow our youth.  As our PBE leader, she continues to improve our teams and their knowledge of the Bible.  Ms. Karyn is an artist and uses her creativity to make learning fun and interesting!

  • Primary e-tracker Instructor

    Mizumbi Simwinga


    Mr "Z", is a fan favorite, offering our Pathfinders song and dance along with the best attitude and smile to match.  As our churches videographer he ensures we have the best documented memories of every event.

  • primary varsity instructor

    Aionna Campbell


    Miss Aionna has her hands full managing adults as a human resource generalist, however those skills come in handy when dealing with Pathfinders!  She is generous with her time and we are blessed to have her remain involved well after she has graduated out of pathfinders.

  • Instructor

    Al Treadway


    Mr. Al is our official Map Quest.  His orienteering skills ensure we get to all events in a timely fashion.  As a Cyber Security student at GMU, he also ensures all things audio and technical work properly for our church!

  • Adventurer director

    Eliana Maximo


    Ms. Eliana is a mom to five wonderful daughters and a full time child care provider. Her favorite times are those with her husband, kids, and dog. she loves to laugh, camp, make up stories, and go to new places with her family in tow and God leading the way!